Spectacular Event Southeast Asia

Spectacular Event Southeast Asia

Are you planning to have holiday in Southeast Asia? Go to this spectacular event Southeast Asia and you will experience the most vibrant and exciting holiday. There are 11 countries, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippine, Singapore, and Vietnam. They have widely different culture and art festival that make this sub region of Asia become the exciting and most visited countries on Asi


Thailand has beautiful beach and many festival events that become the most vibrant tourist destination. The first event that held annually is the LoiKrathong. This is the lantern festival that held on November on the full month night. The next festival is Phuket vegetarian festival. With the name of this festival, you can expect that it is festival where the vegetarian share the vegetable recipe. This festival become the most craziest even in southeast Asia as you can see the attraction of self-torture such as piercing cheeks with knife and swords, hot coals walker, and many more.

2. Philipines

In January, you can attend the Agumansanduk festival. This is festival that originated when drunken men dresses as women to bring the New Year ceremony. This is the most massive parade street in Manila city. The second festival that you can experience is Athi-athian festival. This is the vibrant carnival where held for celebrate the baby Jesus (Santa Nino). It looks like fashion carnival with combination of dance and music, indigenous costumes and the traditional gun parade that in few days.

3. Laos

Plan to go to Laos in October? Then you should go to Vientiane city and become the witness for boat racing event, the BounSuangHuea festival. This is other festival for celebrate the end of Buddhist Lents where the boat team race in Mekong river. Except for these countries, you can also visit other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and many more for more spectacular Asia events in annually held.



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