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 to Clean the Glass Window

The Natural Way to Clean the Glass Window

In the world of greenhouse design has a very important role, because glass is a material that has a special function. Glass is able to provide an attractive appearance by bringing the outdoors into the house and let the sunlight into the house. Similarly, the beauty of the home interior can be seen from the outside with the installation of transparent glass.

But beyond that, the important role of glass will be a perfect thing if the glass is treated and well so that it supports the appearance of the house. The house with glass becomes unattractive if it finds its glass dirty and dull. Moreover, until the shit is crusty.

This homedic idea book will provide an environmentally friendly method of cleaning window glass that will make glass easy to clean. Good luck.

Frequency of cleaning

Basically, the more windows are cleaned, the more clean the glass is. At least, under normal circumstances, clean your window glass at least once a month. For windows close to highways with high traffic volumes certainly require more frequent frequencies.

1. White vinegar
Dilute the white vinegar with hot water, then wipe on the glass surface where the dirt dries.

2. Newspaper
Spray the glass surface with water then rub with newspaper. See the results, the glass will look shiny.

3. Lemon juice
Lemon juice contains a number of acids that help in cleaning. Add lemon juice in hot water. Is it easier if the injection and put in a spray bottle. However, note that it can not be used in marble!

4. baking soda
Baking soda, which has become a staple of eco-cleansing. You can of course also be used to clean windows. It is estimated that two teaspoons are in hot water 200 ml. Just Slide the wiper (squeegee) After you spray away drained glass! You can end easy and quick to clean up.

5, sodium carbonate
Amazing from baking soda! If reputation is sodium carbonate recently. Rule of thumb as a half tablespoon of sodium carbonate against 5 liters of water. This wetted cross will continue to remove windows. Moreover it will be shiny and make the wipers to finish. The goodness of CoSPA is also interesting!

6. Tricks! glycerin
Well, there is finishing method tricks After the glass cleaner. This is the use of glycerin. Gentle drops and some cloth or old stockings to go Slide surface of glass droppings the effect of water-resisting is less likely to comply. This is a trick for those who want to reduce the amount of window cleaning.

A pleasant indoor space with beautiful windows
How is the environment-friendly method of cleaning windows? The dirt on the window glass falls and you should be surprised at the brightness and transparency. Please, spend a nice time in a clean and beautiful indoor room.

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