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Content Marketing & Content Writer 

The term content marketing or content marketing has recently been widely spoken, especially in the field of digital marketing. Content marketing itself is merely the use of content for marketing purposes. Formally, content marketing is a marketing strategy where we will plan, create and distribute content that can attract the right audience on target, then encourage them to become customers. There are two main content marketing goals. The first is to attract new viewers to get to know our business, and the second is to invite them to participate as customers. For example, we can see from the content shared by companies or big brands through social media, such as photos, videos, articles or just status updates. 
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The content shared by the brand or company is what is called content marketing. We can also distinguish these contents from their nature. Some are educational, entertaining to emotional. The important thing is that the content shared must be interesting. If not, it means we have failed in pursuing content marketing. This content marketing method is considered more effective because it is easy to use when compared to traditional marketing models. In traditional marketing, we will promote products or services through advertising in the hope that someone will buy. However, this model is now no longer active. The community seems to have been immune to anything that smelled of promotion. 

While in content marketing, advertising is not used directly in promoting products but distributes content that has benefits. Then, if the brand or company supports content and not the product, how can sales work? This is still related to one of the main objectives of content marketing, which is attracting new audiences and encouraging them to become customers and make purchases. With the content, it will be easier for modern audiences to understand products than traditional marketing. It is also mentioned that websites that use content marketing will get sales conversions up to 6x higher than sites that do not use it. 

The reason is that when promoting products or services, people generally do not know about our credibility. This is because we only show what we sell so that the sales conversion will be smaller. But if we present useful content, people will know our business can be trusted. This has an impact on increasing sales conversions. To be able to maximize the use of content marketing, we can use the services of the Agency Indo is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Indonesia and lined up to become one of the fastest growing digital agencies. Its main advantages are cost-effective in campaigning for online marketing. We can use the services of the kabarwaras to maximize sales from the online business that is run.

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