Google Display Network ( GDN )

Google Display Network

If we visit one website page, maybe we have seen a banner ad in the form of a square or rectangle. Written information usually reads “ads by Google” or “ads by Google”. Many of us who might think of the issue are indeed from Google. However, why are there banners on sites other than Google? Apparently, the ad is indeed from Google. In advertising, we can do advertisements that are not limited to Google Search and Google properties like Gmail. We can also install it on sites that have collaborated with Google or sites that are members of the Google ad network. The term is the Google Display Network or GDN.

In Indonesia, several top websites have joined the GDN. Among them are, and others. The GDN has a very wide network range. Based on data from Search Engine Land, the website network in the GDN is very large in the world. The total page views of sites joined by the GDN even reach 4 billion more page views per month. In addition, about 80 percent of all sites in the world are members of the GDN. For now, the GDN network does not only appear in the form of advertisements on the desktop display but also on the mobile display. In advertising through the GDN, we can use various formats such as text, banner, and video formats.

The banner file format for ads on the GDN itself includes JPG, PNG, GIF and Flash Banner. The banner sizes provided are very diverse, ranging from mobile leaderboard, leaderboard, small square, square, large rectangel, inline rectanle, halfpage, wide skyscraper and skycaper. The payment system for advertising advertisements on the GDN will use the auction based buying system. That is, advertisers are given full control in arranging bids in advertising. The method is divided into three, namely Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Impression (CPM) and Cost Per Conversations (CPA). We can choose for ourselves based on the method that is considered the most promising.

For how ads work on the GDN itself is divided into various targeting methods. Among them are keyword targeting, internet user interest, manual placement to the topic of the website. With a variety of advantages brought along with interesting features, the GDN can be the right choice for us in advertising to create brand awareness and broad advertising coverage. Complete information and GDN applications can be achieved through Indo Digital Marketing Agency. has been recognized as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Indonesia. The advantages offered by are primarily cost savings for the services it provides. In addition, we can also enjoy world-class services that are certainly satisfying.

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