Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing or SEM has become a familiar term in the world of marketing. SEM itself is one way that is carried out in a series of marketing activities including promoting websites by increasing their visibility on search engines. SEM includes SEO tactics. In short, there are many marketing strategies in the digital era, one of which is SEM. SEM plays an essential role in the success of a business, especially a company that is built digitally.

In general, here are some benefits that we can get when implementing an SEM strategy.

1. Increase Conversion

In simple terms, conversion means how the business we build can attract audiences and produce transactions and other things that are profitable. Money is undoubtedly a clear goal to be obtained from a marketing campaign, but we should also not ignore different types of conversions. Among them are new subscribers, new customers or participants from competitions held during the marketing campaign period. All of them are conversion alternatives that are just as important.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Although SEM is often considered part of the lowest marketing channel, SEM is actually useful in raising awareness of the brand of our business. Google supports this statement through the recognition that advertising on search engines can increase brand awareness to 80 percent. Although the ad that appears on the search page will not be clickable, the brand will still be seen and realized by internet users.

3. Can Be Done With Limited Budget

Often we doubt making ads because of the high cost. Many companies also think that the cost of implementing SEM is not as significant as the benefits. In fact, this one and is very flexible compared to traditionally paid advertisements such as billboards on the streets. There is no minimum number of ads to run. With only around Rp. 60 thousand, we can reach a considerable potential profit.

4. Targeting Local Targets

SEM is an essential tool in encouraging people to visit our website page and get more conversions with a limited budget. Also, local targeting is critical to producing useful conversions and high web traffic.

5. Consistent and Targeted Traffic

Google states that SEM can be more stable than other digital marketing techniques. SEO will fluctuate because of the algorithm changes that search engines do, while advertising can avoid uncertainty like this.

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