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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Increase Traffic Website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Jakarta has become an integral part of online business. SEO itself is a term for a process that will affect the level of visibility or visibility of a website or web page in natural search results, i.e. non-ad search results. SEO is called organic because it is a process that continues to grow and develop. Unpopular sites won’t have a position in internet search results. But if a site is well optimized, the site will grow to become more popular, significant and the search results will be right on the internet. This is indeed different from non-organic SEO Jakarta which is instant where we are required to pay some money to Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Increase Traffic Website

If we have done SEO  service on the website, there will be more visits from netizens to the website or website. The frequency of clicks or traffic visits from internet users on Google search results will be analyzed using a heat map click or click heatmap. SEO has several main objectives related to traffic, including:

1. Increase Visit Traffic Volume

With SEO done, there will be more visits to specific sites or pages. This high traffic traffic will have an impact on the growing popularity of these sites as well as the more widespread advertising of existing products or services.

2. Increasing the Quality of Traffic for Prospective Consumers

If the site that we have is for the promotion of products or services, then the existence of SEO will be beneficial in capturing potential potential customers. The number of visitors is that they are targeted according to the chosen keywords. This will make visitors’ traffic need and are looking for what we offer on the site. This is what is meant by quality traffic, where site visitors are not just looking around but also potential customers.

3. Maintaining Second Traffic Above Continuously

Not only capturing potential customers and increasing the number of visits, but SEO will also be able to sustain both of them continuously. This means SEO will be able to create a site page or site itself that continues to be on the main page of natural SEO search results while at the same time attracting many potential potential customers for the products or services offered.

Search engine optimization can be done alone. However, for maximum results, we can use Digital Marketing Agency SEO services Jakarta. One of the things that can be chosen is the, because it has been recognized as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Indonesia. The online marketing campaign through the Indo Agency will be carried out in a cost-efficient manner and will also provide world-class customer service.